tirsdag den 6. januar 2015

Do something new : )

Today in badminton my friend said a wise thing :
"Try and you will learn."
I will definitely remember that : )
That reminds me of my drawing, I tried and learned. I got a little bit better.

My advice to you are that you should try something new, if it goes wrong you have learned your lesson


mandag den 5. januar 2015

Magic in life

My blogs name is Magic and roses. And I want to show you that there is magic in life, and roses too. When I went home today... the fifth of January, there was a beautiful rose, that survived until now. That surprised me because it is winter in Denmark now.
The rose was beginning to bloom, and I thought it was magic.

Here can you see the pretty little rose:

Life is hard, but sometimes you can see a little hope, follow it and you will feel the purpose for life.


lørdag den 3. januar 2015

2015 ♥

I am a little bit late, but:
A happy new year to you.

Here is my own pictures of fireworks. Enjoy: 

I am sorry that some pictures was unfocused...