torsdag den 13. november 2014

The first start

The first blog is always the hardest one to make. And the first choice is the hardest. The first time you cry is the saddest day. But no matter what - you have to keep your head up. Smile, because nobody does. Be yourself no matter what. Dance crazy to the music you like. Sing so loud that all your neighbours can hear you. Laugh at your own jokes, so people thinks your out of your mind. You only have one life, go out and make it an amazing one. Make it so great that when you get older, you will look back and smile to all the beautiful memories and dreams you had.
This blog is about why you shouldn't give up on life. Think of all the crazy stuff you have already done, and then think of all the things you haven't done yet. Think of all the magic in life. Think of the lovely taste of popcorn. Think of your sweet family and crazy friends. And then think of cozy nights under the stars. In this blog I will write about things that makes me happy, and maybe they make you happy too. We are not like superman, batman or spiderman. But maybe we all are heroes inside. We are just heroes in our own ways. Thank you for reading this. 


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